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Car Basics Austin, teenagers learn how to change a tire

Car Basics was created with you in mind! Our classes give new drivers the skills and knowledge to participate in preventative maintenance of their vehicles, how to recognize and handle car emergencies, and how to navigate the new responsibility of caring for their vehicle.

Teenagers and New Drivers

Let's face it... all members of most families could probably use a refresher on information about cars.

Car Basics offers a great opportunity for a device free 2 hours with your family.  Learn as a family so all members can be responsible for the health and safety of your vehicles.  More importantly, you will save money in the long term with proper car maintenance!


Want to build more confidence and independence related to your vehicle?

Car Basics classes are for you!  

From changing your own tire to knowing how to talk to a repair shop... we've got you covered!


If your family hires a caregiver to take care of your children, a disabled relative, or an elderly parent, you will feel safer knowing that caregiver could handle a car emergency when transporting your family member. Schedule a Car Basics class for them!


Maybe you already know A LOT about cars...but you still have more complex car questions.  How does an engine actually work?  What does a Turbo do?  Our instructors are automotive professionals with years of experience.  We can handle your complex questions! 

Car Enthusiasts 

We serve and support all students, regardless of age, gender, religious background, or sexual orientation.  We offer a safe space to learn about your car. 


You used to be able to work on your own car.  But now, with all of the new electronic functions on your vehicle, you might be a little lost on what is going on under your current hood.

Schedule a Car Basics Class to help you bridge your knowledge gap and help you feel more confident.

Experienced Drivers